We’re Saving a Seat for You

We don’t care how you’re dressed, how many tattoos you have, or what candidate you voted for. We’re a church full of broken, imperfect people with every kind of story imaginable, and we’re saving a seat for you!

 3800 Lake Harbor Road, Muskegon MI

10:30AM Service

Our Current Message Series

“I love it when you…” “Those two are really in love.” “Don’t you just love it when…” “I LOVE DONUTS!” The word love is used in many ways and can mean different things to different people. Jesus emphasized love. He said, “A new command¬†I give you: Love one another.” Of all the actions he could have put with this command, he stresses love. This message series will underscore how the Christian life centers on love and relationships. How do we love well? We love in action!

Join us 10:30AM Sunday morning!